Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
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Orthopaedic Services

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At Lake Macquarie Private Hospital we perform over 1400 joint replacement procedures per year.

Our orthopaedic surgeons have the support of an excellent intensive care unit (ICU). For over twenty years the ICU at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital has been staffed by outstanding doctors and nurses. In 2015 a new 12 bed ICU was opened at LMPH. Quality post-operative care continues to be offered in the ICU to patients requiring this level of care after their orthopaedic surgery.

Patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries now have the option of being attended to by the highly-trained doctors and nurses in the Lake Macquarie Private Emergency Department. The LMPH ED is open 24/7 and generally patients can be attended to with minimal wait times. A patient can come into the ED directly or if an ambulance has been called you can request a transfer to LMPH, but the ultimate decision remains with the ambulance team. The LMPH ED doctors and nurses work closely with a number of orthopaedic surgeons and if a patient requires a surgical consultation or to be admitted into our hospital for an orthopaedic procedure then this can all be organised by our caring ED staff.

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital has seven operating theatres. There is access to a full range of orthopaedic instruments enabling the hospital to perform a wide range of procedures.

An onsite team of physiotherapists cares for patients before and after surgery.

Services include:

  • Major joint replacement – TKR (total knee replacement), THR (total hip replacement) and TSR (total shoulder replacement)
  • Investigative
  • Arthroscopic - arthroscopy is an examination of internal structures using a fibre-optic viewing tube (endoscope), it can also be used for treatment.
  • Cruciate ligament surgery
  • Spinal surgery
This includes total knee replacement, unilateral knee replacement, partial knee replacement, knee reconstructions including anterior cruciate and multi-ligament repairs, high tibial osteotomy, sports injuries, trauma and fracture management, patello femoral stabilisation, trauma and fracture management, paediatric knee surgery, computer navigated knee surgery.
This includes soft tissue repairs, elbow replacement and arthroscopy.
Adult procedures are performed including Brachial Plexus repair, fractures, carpel tunnel release, release of Dupytren’s contracture, nerve and muscle releases, joint replacements.
This includes open reduction and internal fixation for fractured hip and femur as well as total hip replacement, resurfacing of the hip joint, minimally invasive surgery, hip pain diagnosis and management, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries.
This includes rotator cuff repairs, soft tissue damage repairs, shoulder release (to increase range of movement), unstable shoulder repairs, total shoulder replacement and arthroscopy, arthritis surgery, nerve injuries and disease, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries.
This includes cervical, thoracic and lumbar fusions, decompression, laminectomy, discectomy, foraminotomy and scoliosis surgery.
This includes fracture repairs, ligament repairs, Achilles tendon repairs, peroneal tendon repairs and reconstruction, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries, minimally invasive ankle surgery, surgery for osteoarthritis, forefoot reconstruction and repair of bunions.