Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

We thank you for your patience and ask for your understanding as we improve the patient and visitor experience.

Our community and patient experience continue to be our priority. The redevelopment of Lake Macquarie Private Hospital will utilise a carefully considered, staged approach to ensure patients will continue to experience safe and quality health care. In addition, the hospital will continue to provide the same services throughout the redevelopment.

To ensure the safety of the community, there will be some changed conditions to pedestrian and traffic movements during construction. Traffic controllers will be in place to manage movements in and out of the site as required.

The redevelopment of the Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is a major construction project. It is expected there will be some temporary impacts that may affect the local community. These could include changes and increased vehicle and people movement in the area, changes to access, localised noise, dust and vibration.

We are committed to keeping the community informed and any impacts minimised to residents and businesses. Contact us to provide feedback or suggestions on the development.