Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
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Pre Admission

Our dedicated team of professional staff are committed to providing patients with the highest standards of care. Throughout our patients’ stay, from pre-admission to discharge, each patient will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

It is essential that all patients book into the hospital as soon as possible following their visit to the Doctor. This allows us time to prepare for your stay and to provide the very best of care. Our staff will contact you the day prior to your admission to confirm your admission time and other relevant details.

You will receive an informed financial consent letter prior to your admission detailing all costs.


Clerical pre-admission

Pre-admission is an important part of your hospital care. To ensure we can confirm your admission, financial and other arrangements, we ask that you:

  1. Fill in the online admission form, or complete the admission form that you would have received from your doctor.

    Please have the following ready when you fill in your admission form:
    1. Personal/Next of Kin details
    2. Medicare Card
    3. Funding details (e.g. DVA, Private health insurance, work cover or self funding)
    4. Benefit details (e.g. pharmacy benefit card or pension card)
    5. Item numbers if these were quoted by doctors' rooms
    6. Information your doctor supplied to you re implantable medical devices (e.g. prosthetic and disposables) – If applicable
    7. Mobility and hearing aids.

  2. If you have any concerns with step 1, please telephone 02 4943 3122 between 8am and 8pm or send an email to

If you have private health cover, please contact your health fund prior to check for any excess or waiting periods. We know that health and billing charges can be difficult to understand and we are happy to assist in any way we can, however, we also advise that you seek clarification from your doctor and health fund.

Your doctor will notify the hospital of the date of your procedure / operation. Your doctor will also explain your procedure or operation and complete the consent form with you.


Please bring your current medications, including complimentary medicine, in their original packaging.  It is advised that patients take their normal medications with a sip of water before coming into hospital unless otherwise instructed. If on WARFARIN, ASPIRIN or INSULIN, please check with your Doctor as soon as possible.

Day prior to admission

Hospital staff will contact you between 3pm – 5pm the working day prior to your admission. Staff will inform you of your admission time and when you need to stop eating and drinking.


When you arrive

Upon arrival, please register at the Front Reception, located in the main foyer of the Hospital. Reception staff will advise the appropriate person of your arrival. The room preference as indicated on your booking form will be taken into consideration but ultimately room allocation is based on availability. If it is necessary to allocate a shared room on admission, every effort will be made to accommodate your stated preference at the earliest opportunity.

Once admitted by our nursing staff, you will either be taken to a ward or transferred to the operating theatre from the admission lounge.

Please ensure you adhere to the times given regarding stopping eating and drinking.  This is most important. Failure to adhere to these instructions could necessitate rescheduling your procedure.

What to bring to hospital

  • Health fund number / details (if applicable)
  • Medicare card
  • Regular medications - additional scripts
  • Pension health benefits card (if applicable)
  • Pharmaceutical benefits card (if applicable)
  • Relevant x-rays and / or test results
  • Non slip footwear
  • night attire
  • toiletries
  • personal articles
  • method for settling your account

Do NOT bring

  • Jewellery. A wedding ring and watch are permitted
  • Valuables – all care taken but no responsibility accepted.
  • Large amounts of cash.

Day procedure patients (additional information)

  • Please shower on the day of your procedure.  Depending on the nature of your surgery, you may be required to have another shower on admission.
  • Wear garments that are comfortable and easy to remove .
  • Nursing Staff will contact your relative/ friend when you are ready to be discharged.
  • Please arrange for a carer to be with you for 24hrs following your procedure.

Mobiles phones and devices are able to be used throughout the hospital unless signage or nursing staff advise otherwise. Unfortunately Lake Macquarie Private Hospital is unable to take responsibility for any loss or damage to your phone or devices during your stay.

Download preadmission document