Lake Macquarie Private Hospital
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At Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, we understand that you are more than your cancer diagnosis. We strive to ensure your whole physical and emotional health is cared for during and after treatment with a range of cancer wellness services.

Allied health care

Holistic cancer care should encompass all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing – not just your primary cancer treatment. 

A healthy diet, being strong and fit and having good mental health are all crucial for optimising your treatment outcomes and quality of life. Allied health professionals, such as dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists, play an important role in helping you achieve these things. 

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital has a team of allied health professionals onsite who can work with you to tailor a cancer rehabilitation program to meet your unique needs.

Your CancerCare Navigator can help you coordinate your allied health care needs.

Cancer Care ACTIVATE

Sometimes, cancer treatment can affect your ability to perform everyday activities. Your physical abilities may be limited and your emotional wellbeing and quality of life my suffer as a consequence. 

The multidisciplinary CancerCare ACTIVATE program is specially designed for people who have experienced a decline in functioning and quality of life as a result of cancer treatment.

ACTIVATE combines education, exercise and support in a small group setting for two hours, twice a week for six weeks. The program aims to boost your ability to enjoy an active and fulfilling life. 

Cancer Care Navigator

You can keep track of all the cancer wellness services that you are participating in with the help of your Cancer Care Navigator – a dedicated, specialist nurse who coordinates all aspects of your cancer care.